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Local area marketing is as much about retaining business as it is about gaining business. The good news is, the playing field is level. You are mainly competing with other local businesses. So, if you aren't effectively marketing online, ask yourself "how much is it costing you?"  

Local Area Marketing - from just $150 per Quarter.

Google Places Listing

Ranking highly in a Google search is fast becoming a science of it's own.

If you are starting a business, there are some simple steps to be taken if you want to be found quickly.

If you have an established business, but are having trouble getting a good search result, you can supercharge your local marketing and not only start competing effectively in Google, but start to outperform your local competitors with Local Area Marketing.

Local Area Marketing. What is it?
It is quite simple really. Multiple, consistent, keyword optimised, online references, linking back to your website assist you in being found prominently in the search engines.
Consistent means same business name, address, phone number, keywords, web address, email etc. Stop right here if you do not have a website. Call 1300 097 597, speak to Josh who can advise you if a website will be of benefit to your business. It is a simple cost/benefit thing, an ROI thing. Now more than ever, with low cost of entry, most businesses should have a website.

At StartMarketing, we have built a web design and web marketing business with client needs in mind.

Our local area marketing strategy increases your online exposure with local business listings on our feature rich, online local community and business directories, with full page listings, images, business reviews, social network integration and direct contact forms. A good example is the North Lakes Qld Community

Many business owners sign up to online business directories themselves which can help your website SEO, but most business owners donít keep record of which online business directories they have signed up to and donít keep them up to date and consistent with their website information and this has a negative impact on the search ranking.

From just $150 Quarterly, we take care of your online local area marketing. Call Start Marketing today on 1300 097 597 and ask about Local Area Marketing.

Treat Google like a smart person. Avoid inconsistencies in phone numbers, addresses, products and services etc. across your online directory listings and change or update content from time to time and you will be ahead of the rest.

Google loves an established business, with multiple online references and consistent products, services and contact details across each. It also loves current information and can detect whether or not you are actively maintaining your online business information.

So, directory listings work well to get your business the exposure you want, as long as you maintain them. Most business owners canít as much as recall which online directories they have signed up to, let alone keep them consistent and current.

We know itís a drag, but it is highly beneficial marketing and thatís why we do it for you with our Local Area Marketing package.

Your business will be listed on high traffic, local community websites with detailed business information, images, products, services and specials and links back to your website.

We protect and maintain usernames and passwords, manage reviews and complete updates to your business information when required. We also periodically re-engineer your business descriptions to keep information fresh and current in the eyes of the search engines.

Local Area Marketing package

So what are the benefits?

  • niche and local directories perform well in the search engines and your business gets found
  • multiple legitimate links to your website from external, reputable sources
  • consistent data across each listing, matching website data (if you have one) and maintained for you (Remember, inconsistent records negatively imact your website ranking)
  • we research relevant keywords and phrases and incorporate these in your listings
  • no need to remember logins and passwords
  • boost your website SEO ranking compared to other local businesses that donít manage their online directory listings

Call StartMarketing today on 1300 097 597 and ask about our local area marketing package. How much new business can you afford to go to your local competitors? Commence your Local Area Marketing campaign today.

The benefits are;
  • Directory listings linking to your website improve your website ranking.
  • We keyword optimise your business listings to improve performance.
  • We ensure data consistency across listings so that your website ranking is not penalised.
  • If a phone number, contact name or address etc. changes, we update every business listing.
  • We keep record of the usernames and passwords for each business listing account.
  • Think about it. Will you create and manage your local directory listings for your business, with integrated keywords, images, and outbound links and keep them all up to date?


  • Business listings optimised with lengthy keyword descriptions, images, managed reviews, social media sharing.
  • Includes SEO keyword research and all text copy if necessary.
  • Links back to multiple pages on your main business website.

Call StartMarketing today on 1300 097 597 and ask about our Local Area Marketing package.

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